Judith worked in partnership with Age Concern Training, Age Concern Mid-Mersey and local employers in the St Helens area to deliver one of six pilot projects funded by the DWP to identify good practice in the provision of face-to-face guidance for working people approaching or over 50 years of age.The learning from this pilot project has led DWP to support the concept of mid-life career reviews as part of the current government Fuller Working Lives strategy.  Our own learning and experience underpins the development of Time of your life as a unique life planning programme designed specifically for this new generation of people aged 50 and over.

The Work Options programme helped people to understand and evaluate the options available to them in relation to work, training, retirement and later life style choices.

Judith led on the design and delivery of innovative training methods to make life transition planning both accessible and relevant to busy working people. Short, lively and interactive sessions helped to raise awareness of the need to plan and challenge current thinking. A self guided learning resource and group workshop sessions then provided people with the tools to gain a better self awareness and the confidence to develop a life plan.

“It made me stop and think; to realise that I have to take action rather than wait for things to happen. Really enjoyable and thought provoking”
Programme participant

“I gained a real self awareness; an understanding of my worth and my desires for the future. Talking and sharing with other delegates helped me learn to see things differently”
Programme participant

“Your advisor team was committed and enthusiastic as well as highly knowledgeable. Thank you again for your help”.
DWP Ageing Society Directorate

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