Clare was in her early fifties, married with teenage children and working in a senior position in a large organisation. She had navigated a very successful career and always managed to stay in control of a busy work and home life. Clare knew it was time to make some changes but didn’t know where to begin or what her options were.

“Several years ago I was considering the direction I wanted to take. After a tough time at work I was being strongly encouraged to leave corporate life by my husband; a plan that was not yet mine!”

The personal profile report that was part of the Time of your life programme was an amazingly positive experience for me. With Judith’s help I recognised my destructive feelings, instincts and adapted behaviour were significantly impacting my relationship and home life. I was in a vicious circle and I was working away an awful lot, using work as an excuse, to escape judgement at home.The words which resonated the most and I recall several years on, were that I had been ‘masking’ my own natural style of learning and nurturing others and adopting the more aggressive style of the organisation I worked for …. in order to survive!

“Judith helped me to see myself for all of my strengths. She undertook the conversation with grace, care, sensitivity and kindness.”

Now my career as an independent consultant is thriving, I have freedom and flexibility in life, balanced with an challenging and enjoyable project with a great client.

The conversation with Judith also helped rescue my home life from the brink of potential disaster. Using the personal profile insights I could see in a heartbeat the strengths of my husband and the reasons why he wanted me to leave my job; he was not wanting to control me but to liberate my spirit and natural energy and I had judged him wrongly.

The rest of the story was then in my hands. I became excited about our future together, our family growing up and a path we have now built together where growing old is a positive vision and not something to be feared. My husband is thriving in his business, the children are balanced and happy, we have completely renovated our home and dreams are starting to take shape for the next phase of life.

“There will be no retirement, we intend instead to contribute to the world differently; health and fitness have taken on a whole new dimension, we want to be around for a long time to come…together!”

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