How about a Sat Nav that could plan your life’s journey?

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Do you love or hate your Sat Nav?  How would you feel about having a Sat Nav to help with your life planning?

Whatever your relationship with your Sat Nav,  it’s another gadget that has crept into our lives and become part of our daily routine.

Me? I hate being told what to do so find it particularly infuriating at a rather pompous Sally Sat Nav telling me to “take a U-turn!” when I know I am taking a good short cut and will still get there in the end. Or telling me I have “arrived at my destination” when it’s already patently obvious that I am where I want to be.

However, when I’m lost in a place I’ve never been to before or need to take an unfamiliar detour,  I find it reassuring to hear her calm, reassuring voice. An instant stress relief to know that I won’t be driving endlessly around a one way system or taking a wrong turn. When the road is blocked I know she will help me find a way to get there. Most of all I feel more confident setting out on a journey knowing that I have some help if I need it.

What I’ve learned is that that together, me and my Sally Sat Nav make a great team!

I know how to read a map and I think I’m a good driver (don’t we all?). From past experience, I realise that I need to be clear about where I am going and when I want to get there. It will be worth taking time before jumping in the car to look at a map and get a broad perspective of the direction I will be taking. This will help me know what to expect and recognise if it feels right when I’m on my journey.

Sally Sat Nav understands my needs. She sets out the options and presents the information I need to be able to make the right choice. Do I want to take the fastest route; the shortest route or the one that avoids busy motorways? Sally provides regular updates along the way so I know if I am on time and going to plan.  If there are roadworks ahead she will help find alternative routes.

Setting out to visit a new Time of your life client recently, with Sally Sat Nav by my side, I reflected on the parallels between my role as a life planner and how Sally and I work together.

I help people see the options ahead and gain insights about themselves that help to make choices about which route to take. My clients are clearly in the driving seat and may have  ideas about where they want to get to. Often they are too busy to look at a map or prepare for the journey. The Time of your life programme provides  the chance to take some time out to really think about the destination and what the journey will involve.

Along the way, providing guidance, encouragement and building confidence are all part of my role.

The good news is that I will never shout at you to ‘do a U turn’! I may help you reflect on the consequences of continuing the way you are going but it will be your choice to change direction.

Who wouldn’t welcome a well behaved Sally Sat Nav to help navigate life’s journey and explore exciting new destinations?


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