Reshape retirement planning

Empower your employees to make informed choices
about mid and later life career planning

“Lives are becoming more complex.
Age no longer determines the choices individuals make.
For employers this makes planning for the future difficult; we can’t make assumptions about employee’s plans for retirement.

Recruit, retain and retrain

Research* shows that older workers are more likely to stay in work if they think their work matters, their employer supports them and their needs are taken seriously.

Retirement is being reshaped and more people are seeking new ways to continue working or retire more flexibly. Yet many are confused about their options and avoid discussing their futures.

Our Time of your life programme helps people to make informed choices and feel confident to talk about their needs and aspirations.

Show your employees that you support and value them. Discover what individuals need to work at their best and how to retain talent in your business.

…and gain the information you need to enable effective workforce planning.

*Centre for ageing better. February 2017

Time for change

Traditional pre-retirement planning often comes too late and is overly focused on pensions and financial matters. Money is important and we partner with financial planners if you want to incorporate this into the programme.

However, we believe that in today’s world support needs to come much earlier and take a more holistic perspective. With more choices to make individuals must be empowered to manage their own personal development and make informed decisions about retirement planning.

Workplaces are diverse and one size does not fit all. Our programmes provide individuals with time to think and practical tools that provide self insights and a framework for planning their own futures.

Shape your own programme

Our 3 step Time of your life programme is tried and tested and we typically work with groups of up to 12 people on a 2 day programme.

I use a professional online profiling questionnaire, TotalSDI, that provides individuals with unique insights into what motivates them and how they work best within teams and job roles.

If you prefer to shape your own programme we will work with you to create something that meets your needs and fits with your policies and practices. We can work with your pensions and finance advisers to deliver a bespoke package.

We also have experience of delivering our programme as part of an organisational change project or workforce development initiatives.

The principles of career life planning are valuable for employees of all ages. It’s all about helping people take responsibility for making decisions and managing change.