Autumn – a time for letting go

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Our wonderful woodlands and dazzling show of autumn leaves provide great lessons for life planning and the importance of letting go of the past.

Making time for some mindful walks under bright autumn skies I have reflected my own journey of change over the last few months.

Change is part of life – just do it!

My work has always evolved and adapted to the needs of clients. The decision to focus on providing mid and later life planning programmes was quite logical. I saw a way to use my strengths in response to a changing environment and the chance to do something worthwhile. Changing the name of my business and my brand identity was part of a sensible marketing plan. It required time and effort but I knew what had to be done.

Why do we find change so hard?

What I had underestimated was the emotional impact of making these changes. For a while I tried to find a way to juggle everything. To offer a huge range of services and hold on to multiple identities. I felt guilty for not continuing to use all the skills and knowledge I have accumulated. Felt the pressure of lots of ‘coulds’ and ‘shoulds’. Perhaps also a bit afraid of taking a risk.

Then I realised that in order to move on I had to create some space and freedom to focus on the future. I literally couldn’t see the wood for the trees and all the leaves!

Letting go of my identity as Kingswood was painful but necessary. I needed to declutter my files and my mind to enable the new shoots to see the light.

Setting up Time of your life as a new business is exciting and energising. I can breathe fresh air and create new ways of working now that I have let go of the old ways.

I don’t think I am alone it finding it difficult to let of the past and make real sustainable change.I see clients who stay too long in jobs or relationships that are not working. People who constantly collect more and more tasks, hobbies and friends and then feel overwhelmed.

So if it helps then here is what I learned from the trees.

5 lessons to learn from the trees in Autumn

  1. Let go of last seasons leaves to see the blue sky above

When you are still surrounded by the past it’s difficult to see the new opportunities ahead. Declutter and get a clear vision of the future.

  1. Keep your trunk and branches standing firm

Letting go of the things you do doesn’t mean losing everything and starting over. Our values are the trunk that keeps us alive and our branches are the unique strengths that give us our shape. (However if the weather gets particularly rough, you may choose to lose a few branches that get in the way of growing tall!)

  1. Celebrate the seasons past

Enjoy the fruits of your past labour. Be proud to show the blaze of colour that are the result of successful growth and hard work that got you to where you are today.

  1. Use your past to provide the nutrients for growth

The past will always be part of you. Our life experience builds our character and the resilience that enables us to move forwards and meet new challenges.  We need to take nourishment from our experience and use it in different ways. It may take a period of down time or reflection to allow the new growth to emerge.

  1. Prepare new shoots and wait for spring

Being able to see new ideas forming makes it easier to let go. When the time is right the new shoots will grow quickly, seeking out the sun and unfolding to create new shapes and patterns.

Life has many seasons. Learn to adapt to the environment around you and learn from the wonders of nature. Be like a tree!

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