Shaping my future

The idea for Time of your life has been in my heart for some time.
Now my head has worked out a way to create a programme that works
and my gut has found the courage to make it real!

Judith’s story

Turning 50 was an interesting time for me. I looked back on a great career, a successful business and wonderful adventures with friends and family. But I realised that things looked different in mid-life (I always look on the positive side and aim to make 100!)

Like me, many friends and colleagues were looking for a new challenge or ways to reinvent themselves. We are all proud of our past achievements but they do not necessarily define who we are today.

Too young to retire in the traditional way but wanting to change the work life balance.

And yet it always seemed to me that people were too busy to stop and take stock. Too frightened about the unknown to explore different options or so many options they didn’t know how to choose.

Current research highlighted that few people receive help from employers to manage these mid-life transitions. So I made it my mission to find a way to make a difference.

During my HR career I have supported people through career and life changes and helped them develop their potential. Running my own training business I developed expertise in designing and delivering personal development programmes. I am a qualified coach and licensed to use some great insight tools like TotalSDI and mBIT.

By using my skills and experience I have been able to create Time of your life and focus on something that I believe in and enjoy.


“My best insights come when I’m in the outdoors; I love walking in the hills and dales of North Yorkshire and the feeling of space”


“Learning is important to me. I love visiting new places, meeting people and reading books to discover new perspectives”


“I’ve learned that you have to leave some things behind in order to move on. But they will always be part of how I got here”